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Happy summer from us at iP.1

Happy summer from us at iP.1

We at iP.1 wishes you a great summer! The office is open as usual the whole summer.

Nothing gives you faster results than surveys via SMS

Nothing gives you faster results than surveys via SMS

What are your customers opinions? How did they experience their trip, or the conference? What did they think of the service you provided or the product they purchased? What can you do to improve?

The opportunities to capture knowledge and experience from your customers, visitors, patients, members or employees are great - if you get them to respond.

A lot of people are tired of answering extensive surveys by phone or letter today. But there is a method with both quick and high response rate and it is by sending questionnaires via SMS.

The trick is to concentrate your survey or evaluation on a few important issues, which then provide quick and broad response and thus a good analysis basis.

- You can motivate your responders and generate high response rates by adding to some kind of reward. It can be discounts, tickets to a lottery, but also that participation contributes to an improved product or service.

- Rather ask questions, 4-5, and send surveys more often than bomb your responders with a large question battery. It requires a little more reflection in the questionnaire. Something we have adopted in Analys-SMS where we have developed industry-specific surveys together with behavioral scientists and researchers, says Leif Alvarsson.

The questions should preferably also be concrete and short. Be sure to test the survey on a group of employees or a small selection from your target audience. It may be worthwhile to get a high response rate on the sharp survey. Finally - do not forget reminders to those who did not respond. This is also done easily with, for example, Analys-SMS.

The advantage of sending surveys via SMS is also that if you use a tool like Analys-SMS, it is directly linked to processing and analysis of the incoming answers. It makes it easy to work with e.g. Net Promoter Score, NPS or Satisfied Customer Index, SCI. - Measurements of, for example, NKI, our customers can, via our NKI API, connect directly to their own systems, such as CRM, where we also help out to plan the integration, says Leif, which activates our automatic report service so that customers who make continuous surveys receive monthly reports with key data delivered directly to your inbox.

It is obvious that the opportunities to gain knowledge and experience from customers, members, visitors etc. have become both larger and easier with the entry of tools such as Analys-SMS on the market.

Time to sharpen your marketing potential with SMS marketing as we enter the month of May

Time to sharpen your marketing potential with SMS marketing as we enter the month of May

How many times do we check our smart phone during our waking hours? How many times is it because we received an SMS? Consider your own habits of your smart phone usage. What makes you instinctively reach for your phone - an e-mail or an SMS?

Statistics shows that our respond level is in average 7.5 times higher when we receive an SMS. This is one of the reasons our customers use our SMS services. They have realized the strength and possibilities with SMS as an important part of their marketing strategy. SMS can be used as a campaign tool on its own, by sending out sales codes or to push for sales campaigns or other forms of commercial messages. You can also use SMS to send out links directly to your e-commerce platform or campaign sites.

Only by sending SMS with information or marketing messages, you are pushing your brand straight in to your customers phone! If you use SMS in the right way, you can strengthen your brand and get closer to your customers or members.

At iP.1 Networks, we have a long experience of marketing and information distribution via SMS. We would love to share our knowledge and ideas how you could strengthen your marketing by using SMS. All around the world, our customers are using services from iP.1, like Webb-SMS our web application, e-SMS that allows you to send SMS through MS-Outlook, or our smart API´s that lets you integrate all our services directly in your own CRM, CMS etc.

Don’t let the spring be the only thing to be spread in May, also spread your spring messages by using SMS!

iP.1 Networks AB - 15 years in the Telecom Industry

15 years ago, January 28, 2004, the company "AB iP-1 Internet till företag" (AB iP-1 Internet for companies) was started, focusing on delivering a stable and secure internet connection to companies in Skövde municipality. In November, the same year, the subsidiary iP.1 Networks AB was started and laid the foundation for what is today an experienced telecom company in software development with simplicity and everyday innovation as keywords.

One year later, more specifically in 2005, iP.1 paved ground when Sweden's first free WiFi network was delivered to Commerce shopping center in Skövde's city center. In the same year, the first SMS alarm was sent, which was then developed together with Lidköping's assembly into one of Sweden's first SMS services for companies! The years went by and the SMS thought continued until the service ActionSMS, a subscription service that notified about various upcoming events via SMS, was released in 2010, 2013 was the year when Analysis SMS was launched, an SMS service for customer surveys directly in the mobile.

15th anniversary timeline

The Christmas gift of 2018

The Christmas gift of 2018

Make a difference,

This year we continue making donations to aid organization instead of Christmas gifts to customers and suppliers. This time we make a donation to the Swedish Red Cross

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Black Friday, Cyber Monday or both?

Black Friday, Cyber Monday or both?

Now it's high time to think about boosting your promotion for the Black Friday-weekend *).

Take the opportunity to tell about the company's activities during the 23-26/11.

With iP.1 SMS Services, you can invite and remind your customers or members of the activities your company will host this weekend.

Did you know that 90% of all SMS is read within 90 seconds?
It will be a good, clear and cost-effective complement that provides support for the marketing events that is already planned.

Many also choose to invite Cyber Monday to extend the shopping weekend online.

However you choose to attract your customers to your Black Friday Campaigns - Visit and read how Webb-SMS or our SMS gateway can help you boost your campaigns. If you have any questions, please call 010-160 60 60 and we will assist you.

Black Friday *)
USA's largest shopping and sales day in conjunction with the Thanksgiving weekend that traditionally launches Christmas trade. The name is said to come from Philadelphia in the early 1960s when there were heavy traffic disruptions due to large numbers of travelers by car, pedestrians and shoppers.

Cyber Monday
Monday right after Black Friday when a large number of American online stores have begun to offer bargains this day and they also target customers outside the United States.

Advantages of mobile polls and surveys

Advantages of mobile polls and surveys

We’ve said it before and we say it again, mobile surveys is the future. But what are the advantages of sending out mobile surveys? Let us list some of them:

Short Response Time

Most people today have their cell phone at hand, whether it’s during work, in school or at home, and often respond almost immediately.


As long as there is cell phone coverage, you can reach your audience, no matter where they are.


You decide when your surveys will be sent and they are delivered within seconds.


Today, mobile phones are a large part of our lives. For example, In Sweden 98 % of the population has access to a mobile phone, which gives you a great range of recipients for mobile surveys.

Higher Response Rate

The connection with the great cover range, and easy accessibility of a mobile phone, means a high response rate. Most people read their Text messages within a minute.

Want to know more about mobile surveys?

Welcome to contact us via e-mail, or call us at +46(0)10-160 60 60

New year!

We are starting off 2015 by launching version 3.3 of WebbSMS & AnalysSMS.

So what have we done?

We have not only improved the stability and performance of our application, but also enhanced the design and layout.

With 3.3 our application becomes more effective and easier to use.

You are now able to import your contacts to multiple groups simultaneously, we have also made it possible for you to search and sort through your questionnaires.

Let us know what you think on Facebook!

If you have any questions or suggestions for improvements, please do not hesitate to contact us: +4610-160 60 60

Credit card payment available

We are now releasing version 3.2 of WebbSMS and AnalysSMS.

In addition to small design and feature enhancements, our new shopping cart will make orders quick and simple You can now view your orders easily and make secure purchases with us using your credit card.

All our card payments go through our new international partner Skrill, one of the worlds leading companies in card payments.

New international price list in order to offer you the most preferential price, regardless of what country you wish to send messages to. Would you like to know more about placing an order with your credit card or information about our prices abroad?

Contact us to find out more! 46 (0)10-160 60 60