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Nothing gives you faster results than surveys via SMS

Nothing gives you faster results than surveys via SMS

What are your customers opinions? How did they experience their trip, or the conference? What did they think of the service you provided or the product they purchased? What can you do to improve?

The opportunities to capture knowledge and experience from your customers, visitors, patients, members or employees are great - if you get them to respond.

A lot of people are tired of answering extensive surveys by phone or letter today. But there is a method with both quick and high response rate and it is by sending questionnaires via SMS.

The trick is to concentrate your survey or evaluation on a few important issues, which then provide quick and broad response and thus a good analysis basis.

- You can motivate your responders and generate high response rates by adding to some kind of reward. It can be discounts, tickets to a lottery, but also that participation contributes to an improved product or service.

- Rather ask questions, 4-5, and send surveys more often than bomb your responders with a large question battery. It requires a little more reflection in the questionnaire. Something we have adopted in Analys-SMS where we have developed industry-specific surveys together with behavioral scientists and researchers, says Leif Alvarsson.

The questions should preferably also be concrete and short. Be sure to test the survey on a group of employees or a small selection from your target audience. It may be worthwhile to get a high response rate on the sharp survey. Finally - do not forget reminders to those who did not respond. This is also done easily with, for example, Analys-SMS.

The advantage of sending surveys via SMS is also that if you use a tool like Analys-SMS, it is directly linked to processing and analysis of the incoming answers. It makes it easy to work with e.g. Net Promoter Score, NPS or Satisfied Customer Index, SCI. - Measurements of, for example, NKI, our customers can, via our NKI API, connect directly to their own systems, such as CRM, where we also help out to plan the integration, says Leif, which activates our automatic report service so that customers who make continuous surveys receive monthly reports with key data delivered directly to your inbox.

It is obvious that the opportunities to gain knowledge and experience from customers, members, visitors etc. have become both larger and easier with the entry of tools such as Analys-SMS on the market.