Get through with SMS in your business!

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where ever your customer is!

Time to sharpen your marketing potential with SMS marketing as we enter the month of May

Time to sharpen your marketing potential with SMS marketing as we enter the month of May

How many times do we check our smart phone during our waking hours? How many times is it because we received an SMS? Consider your own habits of your smart phone usage. What makes you instinctively reach for your phone - an e-mail or an SMS?

Statistics shows that our respond level is in average 7.5 times higher when we receive an SMS. This is one of the reasons our customers use our SMS services. They have realized the strength and possibilities with SMS as an important part of their marketing strategy. SMS can be used as a campaign tool on its own, by sending out sales codes or to push for sales campaigns or other forms of commercial messages. You can also use SMS to send out links directly to your e-commerce platform or campaign sites.

Only by sending SMS with information or marketing messages, you are pushing your brand straight in to your customers phone! If you use SMS in the right way, you can strengthen your brand and get closer to your customers or members.

At iP.1 Networks, we have a long experience of marketing and information distribution via SMS. We would love to share our knowledge and ideas how you could strengthen your marketing by using SMS. All around the world, our customers are using services from iP.1, like Webb-SMS our web application, e-SMS that allows you to send SMS through MS-Outlook, or our smart API´s that lets you integrate all our services directly in your own CRM, CMS etc.

Don’t let the spring be the only thing to be spread in May, also spread your spring messages by using SMS!