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Advantages of mobile polls and surveys

Advantages of mobile polls and surveys

We’ve said it before and we say it again, mobile surveys is the future. But what are the advantages of sending out mobile surveys? Let us list some of them:

Short Response Time

Most people today have their cell phone at hand, whether it’s during work, in school or at home, and often respond almost immediately.


As long as there is cell phone coverage, you can reach your audience, no matter where they are.


You decide when your surveys will be sent and they are delivered within seconds.


Today, mobile phones are a large part of our lives. For example, In Sweden 98 % of the population has access to a mobile phone, which gives you a great range of recipients for mobile surveys.

Higher Response Rate

The connection with the great cover range, and easy accessibility of a mobile phone, means a high response rate. Most people read their Text messages within a minute.

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