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iP.1 Networks AB - 15 years in the Telecom Industry

15 years ago, January 28, 2004, the company "AB iP-1 Internet till företag" (AB iP-1 Internet for companies) was started, focusing on delivering a stable and secure internet connection to companies in Skövde municipality. In November, the same year, the subsidiary iP.1 Networks AB was started and laid the foundation for what is today an experienced telecom company in software development with simplicity and everyday innovation as keywords.

One year later, more specifically in 2005, iP.1 paved ground when Sweden's first free WiFi network was delivered to Commerce shopping center in Skövde's city center. In the same year, the first SMS alarm was sent, which was then developed together with Lidköping's assembly into one of Sweden's first SMS services for companies! The years went by and the SMS thought continued until the service ActionSMS, a subscription service that notified about various upcoming events via SMS, was released in 2010, 2013 was the year when Analysis SMS was launched, an SMS service for customer surveys directly in the mobile.

15th anniversary timeline