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Bulk SMS

Send large amount of SMS

Bulks SMS is a term used when describing the process of sending large amount of SMS, in the purpose of marketing or reminders, alarms and other informational text messages, most commonly to private owned cell phones. Bulk SMS is usually sent by so called A2P-service providers (Application to Person), which basically means that a SMS messages is sent via a software to a person’s cell phone.

You have probably received an SMS reminder from your Dentist, or a special offer sent by your favorite store, which Is most likely sent from an A2P-Service Provider!

The last 15 years we have been working with Bulk SMS together with companies in various industries which provides us with a broad knowledge base regarding SMS technics, regardless if it comes to marketing or automatic SMS sendings integrated in softwares.

How do you send Bulk SMS?

You can send Bulk SMS by using a web based service which you access from your web browser or by integrating SMS in your own software using a so called SMS API, or both. A lot of companies chooses to integrate single SMS functionality, like reminders or order confirmations in their own software’s and complements their marketing campaigns by sending Bulk SMS campaigns via a web based marketing service.

iP.1 offers solutions for most cases. For example, our service, Capacity SMS, lets you create and send SMS campaigns to 100 000 recipients directly from your web browser meanwhile our SMS API provides you with the ability to integrate automatic SMS functionality in your own software.

Can i Send Bulk SMS to Anyone?

Before you start sending Bulk SMS to your customers, members or employes, you need to consider which kind of message you are sending. If it’s a Marketing message, there are specific rules and ways you need to follow. To make sure that you are sending marketing messages correctly, please contact your local consumer advisor authority.