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iP.1 streamlines customer measurements for 700 driving schools

Manual mailing of questionnaires and reminders are now a distant memory for the Swedish Association of Driving Schools, STR, and all its members, thanks to the continuous automatic SMS distribution from iP.1 - SMS is a simple way to measure the quality and significantly cheaper than traditional methods. Previously, we did surveys manually and then, now we get a continuous follow-up in which all participants have the opportunity to respond. We consistently receive high-quality grades, but also a lot of ideas for further development. Now we are looking at opportunities to break down the results for each individual driving school, which then will have access to new enhancement tool, said Håkan Björklund, CEO of STR. AnalysSMS is fully integrated into STR's business and gives not only student surveys during training but also access to Customer Satisfaction Index measurements.
iP.1 streamlines customer measurements for 700 driving schools

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