CSICustomer Surveys Via SMS

Using customer surveys you are now able to take the temperature of your relationships with your customers via SMS. The answers given to the survey result in a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), which is a proven way to gain insights into both customer loyalty and satisfaction. With CSI, you can measure how your brand has performed over time and how well you stand in relation to others in the industry. It is a good way to see what improvements you can make to get an edge on your competitors, or get a confirmation that what you are doing already works for your customers.

When you choose to send a mobile-adapted survey via SMS, you lower the barriers and make it easy for customers to quickly answer questions concerning your business. SMS is, unlike phone calls and emails, a golden means of communication that neither disturbs the customer in their everyday life nor disappears at the bottom of the trash bin. SMS is personable and gets attention immediately.

Areas of use for CSI via SMS

CSI as a model is intended to answer three questions that are equally valuable regardless of what industry the business belongs to:

  • How satisfied a customer/member is with the business as a whole
  • How well the business lives up to expectations
  • How does the business compare to an ideal business in the same industry
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Conduct Your SMS Survey Using iP.1

Use the SMS survey service and create a well-planned CSI survey.

  • Get reports with prioritized key figures - directly to your email, every month.
  • Get the opportunity to add more users to the account, so that more people can automatically access key figures and graphs.
  • Get the opportunity to both follow the results in real time and determine the time period under which the surveys are to be sent out.

How To Do a CSI survey?

A mobile-adapted survey is sent to your customers via SMS. Through SMS, you reach more people than through traditional channels, such as email and paper surveys, and therefore get a higher response rate. The customer then answers the questions by choosing a number between 1-10, where 10 is the highest rating.

Examples of Questions in a Customer Survey

A CSI survey contains questions that suit all companies, regardless of industry and size. The questions are based on three general questions:

  • How satisfied is the customer/member with the business?
  • How well does the business live up to expectations?
  • How does the business compare to an ideal business in the same industry?

How Do You Interpret The Results of a CSI Survey?

When the survey is answered, you get a CSI value that ranges from 0 to 100, which provides a good basis for insights about customer satisfaction. The higher the number, the more satisfied your customers are. The index is used to see how you stand compared to other competitors in the industry, but also to compare your own results and developments over time. If you do your research via iP1, the CSI value is automatically calculated for you.

iP.1 Streamlined Customer Surveying For 700 Traffic Schools

Manual mailings of questionnaires and reminders are now only a memory for the Swedish Traffic Schools' National Association, STR, and all of it’s members, thanks to continuous automatic SMS mailings from iP.1.

- SMS is an easy way to measure quality and is significantly cheaper than traditional methods. Previously, we conducted surveys manually from time to time, now we have an ongoing follow-up where all participants have the opportunity to respond. We consistently receive high quality ratings, but also a lot of suggestions for continued development. We are now looking at the possibilities of breaking down the results for each individual traffic school, which will then have access to new improvement tools, says Håkan Björklund, CEO of STR.

Analysis SMS is fully integrated into STR's business system and in addition to student surveys during ongoing drivers training, it also provides access to Customer Satisfaction Index measurements.

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A Specially Designed Tool For Your Business

Integrating our CSI service into your business requires care and planning. If you are interested in our CSI solution, please click on the button below and we will return with a price proposal and a plan for your particular business.

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Integrate the SMS Survey API Into Your System

We have made it easy for you to connect the service to your own CRM, CMS, or similar system. When you choose our API, we are able to guide you so that the implementation of the system works correctly. We are also on hand if you need to adapt the solution to your particular business and your needs. Contact us for more information, and we will listen and let you know how the service can support you in finding out how satisfied your customers are.