Get through with SMS in your business!

Reach out with your message
where ever your customer is!

Customer contact through sms
System SMS

Customer contacts

Appreciated updates

SMS is a supremely easy way to keep customers, members or students up to date. Reach out with important information and exclusive offers - quick, easy, and appreciated.

Endless possibilities

The possibilities with SMS as contact channel are endless. For example:
  • Send out invitations to events
  • Send the coupon codes and special offers
  • Delivery notifications
  • Remind unpaid invoices before they start to cost extra
  • Promote mobile-campaign sites

Two-way communication

Plus SMS integrates easily with your business systems. You choose if you want to send immediately or at predefined times and get rich statistics that keeps you certain that your message reached its destination. By adding a virtual sender, you can enable the recipients to respond to your message. Reply features can be turned off when you just want to reach out with one-way information.

Organizations and schools

More and more schools are using SMS services to communicate effectively with both students and parents - but the service is equally suited for associations and other organizations that want to reach out quickly to their members at low cost and saves you alot of time and administration.

Quality is everything

Our goal is to give you the best possible quality at the best possible price. Therefore, we have built a very stable system in cooperation with the leading telecom operators, where your text messages arrive in the shortest time possible without getting stuck on the way. All the technology is thoroughly documented for easy integration with your ERP system. When you select ip.1 incoming SMS and delivery reports are obviously free.

What do i need to get started?

An account with SMS balance and a service of your choice.

In our external webshop you will find all our services and prices. You can easily create your account and get started in minutes. Visit our web shop .