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Here you will find everything you need to connect our API to your system or application. You can also create a free trial account, or order a active account directly through the page


With our RESTful API allows you with ease to integrate all services from iP.1 in your system, examples of applications include integration of SMS to fully automated surveys and studies related to the registration or purchase through the online store. You can also manage your accounts and replenishment of SMS balance on the API level.

Example code: Send an SMS

    using (var client = new HttpClient())
        client.BaseAddress = new Uri("");
        client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Accept.Add(new MediaTypeWithQualityHeaderValue("application/json"));
        client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Authorization = new AuthenticationHeaderValue("Basic", Convert.ToBase64String(Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(string.Format("{0}:{1}", "ip1-xxxxx", "API-Key"))));

        var sms = new OutgoingSMS()
            From = "iP1",
            Numbers = new List<int>() { "46123456789" },
            Contacts = new List<int>(),
            Groups = new List<int>(),
            Message = "test",
            Prio = 1,
            Email = false

        HttpResponseMessage response = await client.PostAsJsonAsync("sms/send", sms);

        if (response.IsSuccessStatusCode)
            ViewBag.Message = "Sent";
            ViewBag.Message = "Failed, " + response.StatusCode + ": " + await response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync();
                $conf = array(
                  'account' => 'ip1-xxxxx',
                  'password' => 'apiKey',
                  'apiUrl' => '',
                  'method' => 'POST',
                  'endpoint' => '/api/sms/send',

            $message = array(
              'Numbers' => ['4673055555'],
              'From' => 'iP.1',
              'Message' => "Test message via iP.1's REST API",

            $jsonEncodedMessage = json_encode($message);
            // Set up request options
            $options = array(
                'http' => array(
                    'header'  => array(
                        'Content-Type: application/json',
                        'Authorization: Basic '. base64_encode($conf['account'].":".$conf['password']),
                        'Content-Length: ' . strlen($jsonEncodedMessage)
                    'method'  => $conf['method'],
                    'content' => $jsonEncodedMessage,

            $url = "https://" . $conf['apiUrl'] . $conf['endpoint'];
            $context  = stream_context_create($options);
            // Send the request
            $response = file_get_contents($url, false, $context);
            // Print the response
            echo $response;
            Dim account As String = "ip1-xxxxxx"
            Dim password As String = "API-Key"

            Dim client As New HttpClient()

            client.BaseAddress = New Uri("")
            client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Accept.Add(New MediaTypeWithQualityHeaderValue("application/json"))

            Dim authString As String = Convert.ToBase64String(Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes($"{account}:{password}"))
            client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Authorization = New AuthenticationHeaderValue("Basic", authString)

            Dim sms As New With
                    Key .From = "iP1sms",
                    Key .Numbers = New List(Of String)() From {"46123456789"},
                    Key .Contacts = New List(Of Integer)(),
                    Key .Groups = New List(Of Integer)(),
                    Key .Message = "Test", Key .Email = False

            Dim response As HttpResponseMessage = Await client.PostAsJsonAsync("sms/send", sms)

            End Sub`;


DEPRECATED - HTTPS SMS Gateway is deprecated and will not be further developed. We recommend you to use our RESTful SMS API

Example code: Send an SMS via HTTP request PHP

$conf['account'] = 'ip1-xxxx';  
$conf['password'] = 'api-key'; 
$conf['apiurl'] = '';
$conf['to'] = '4673055555';     
$conf['from'] = 'iP.1';        
$conf['msg'] = 'Test message via iP.1 HTTP Request';       
$conf['prio'] = '1';

$data = http_build_query(array('acc'=>$conf['account'],'pass'=>$conf['password'],'msg'=>  $conf['msg'],'from'=>$conf['from'],'to'=> $conf['to'],'prio'=>$conf['prio'], 'type' => ''));
$opts = array('http' =>
        'method'  => 'GET',
        'header'  => 'Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded',
        'content' => $data
$context  = stream_context_create($opts);            
$result = file_get_contents($conf['apiurl'] . '?' . $data, false, $context);
echo 'Result/SMS ID: ' . $result;

SOAP SMS Gateway

DEPRECATED - SOAP SMS Gateway is deprecated and will not be further developed. We recommend you to use our RESTful SMS API

SMS-Gateway via SOAP request PHP

$conf['apiurl'] = '';
$conf['mmsapiurl'] = '';
$conf['account'] = 'ip1-xxxxx';  
$conf['password'] = 'API-Key'; 
$conf['to'] = '46712345678'; 
$conf['from'] = 'iP1';
$conf['prio'] = '1';
$conf['msg'] = 'Test message via iP.1 API (Web Service)';
$conf['msg_at'] = "Test send at message via iP.1 API (Web Service)";
$conf['msg_bundle'] = "Test bundle message via iP.1 API (Web Service)";

$client = new SoapClient($conf['apiurl']);
$mmsClient = new SoapClient($conf['mmsapiurl']);

$result = $client->balans(array('konto'=>$conf['account'], 'passwd' => $conf['password']));
echo 'Balnace: ' . $result->balansResult;

$smsresult = $client->sms(array('konto'=>$conf['account'], 'passwd' => $conf['password'], 'till' => $conf['to'], 'from' => $conf['from'], 'meddelande' =>$conf['msg'], 'prio' => $conf['prio']));

echo '

Result of SMS: ' . $smsresult->smsResult;

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All our services can be used through our web application or through our API. All you need is an account with SMS balance and any extra services of your choice.

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