Get through with SMS in your business!

Reach out with your message
where ever your customer is!

Send e-forms by SMS


Faster and more secure contracts

With E-forms via SMS and PC, you get the documentation faster and easier from your customers - fully automated, without cumbersome administration and without a single paper.

E-contracts for every need

Our system is built to function for many various types of contracts - Insurance agreements, consumer contracts and so on. The contracts is tailored to your specific business and easily integrates into your HR, BI and CRM systems with support for integration of digital identification methods.

Subscription info

The service is a yearly subscription with three months' notice, with automatic extension of one year of invoice customers. The service requires a sms-balance.

Kvaliteten är allt

Our goal is to give you the best possible quality at the best possible price. Therefore, we have built a very stable system in cooperation with the leading telecom operators, where your text messages arrive in the shortest time possible without getting stuck on the way. All the technology is thoroughly documented for easy integration with your ERP system. When you select ip.1 incoming SMS and delivery reports are obviously free.

What do i need to get started?

An account with an active SMS balance and the service E-forms.

A free trial account will grant you access to our web application, where you can evaluate our services. Create your trial account here

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