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Send SMS Outlook 2013

e-SMS - SMS for Outlook

SMS Outlook

SMS from outlook has long been an unbeatable way to communicate with both customers and staff. Our SMS plugin for Outlook 2013 – 2016 lets you reach out with critical information regarding your business within minutes, thanks to an innovative and simple user interface which melts into Outlooks own design.

Our smart SMS plugin uses Outlooks own contact book and allows you to send dispatches directly without the need of any external data (Provided that you already have a cell phone number connected to your contacts). Simply create an account and download the plugin from our website and start send SMS through Outlook right away!

Account management and post-invoicing

Do you need several users or department specific accounts? With our Account Management API, you can easily manage and create new accounts directly from your own system. We can also help you tailor your own solution to handle large volumes of accounts and users. We also offer post-billing with account specific invoice posts. Contact us today for more information.

Global lists, local contacts

Send SMS to all your contacts, locally on your computer or from shared global mailing lists. e-SMS makes it easy to reach everyone!

Templates for fast communication

e-SMS allows you to create ready-made text messages that are inserted in your message in no time. Personalize your SMS by retrieving contact data such as first name or last name

Send and receive SMS

With a virtual number linked to your account, you can easily forward received SMS to your mailbox. You can also use your virtual number as sender ID.

One account, multiple devices

With e-SMS, you can easily use the same account on multiple computers at the same time. We also give you free access to our API as well as our web application.

Look how easy it is to send SMS through Outlook!

How do I get started?

1. Linking our plugin for SMS to Outlook is easy. Start by creating a free trial account or visit our web shop to create an active account.

2. Follow the download link and download the plugin. When you open the file, the installation will automatically connect to your Outlook Client.

3. Sign in with your iP1-user. Enjoy sending SMS with Outlook!

What do i need to get started?

An account with an active SMS balance and our plugin for SMS in Outlook.

A free trial account will grant you access to our web application, where you can evaluate our services. Create your trial account here

In our external webshop you will find all our services, plans and prices. Visit our web shop .

We support SMS in the following Outlook versions

  • SMS Outlook 2016
  • SMS Outlook 2013
  • SMS Outlook 2010
  • SMS Outlook 2007

To connect SMS to your Outlook 2007 - 2010, Office Mobile Service follow this URL

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