SMS from Outlook

Being able to send SMS from Outlook has long been an unbeatable service for avoiding missed meetings and reaching out with business-critical information quickly and easily. e-SMS is perfect for internal communication and for those with a solid Outlook contact book. Now iP.1 also offers this opportunity for users of Outlook 2013, 2016 and 2019.

Thanks to e-SMS, our smart plugin for Microsoft Outlook 2019 and onwards, you can now easily connect our SMS service to your Outlook. Simply create an account and download the plugin from our website and start texting!

Applications for e-SMS

A smart and effective SMS plugin for Outlook with many possibilities. For example, you can:

  • Send & receive SMS directly from your Outlook client
  • Create and reuse custom SMS templates.
  • Access your local or global address book.
  • Send out information and invitations
  • Send discount codes and special offers
  • Confirm orders and deliverys
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Send & receive SMS from your Outlook client - Send SMS directly from your Outlook client. Receive answers directly to your mail inbox.

SMS templates - Create and reuse custom SMS templates.

Group/single SMS support - Send SMS to your outlook contacts or groups.

Custom sender ID - Choose between a custom alphanumeric sender ID or a virtual number as your sender ID.

Integrated search for your contact book - Search directly in your contact book from e-SMS (Global and local).

Integrate in your own system - With an account you get free access to our API´s.

Unlimited amount of users - Create an unlimited amount of users and choose between several different access levels.

Global lists, local contacts

Send SMS to all your contacts, locally on your computer or from shared global mailing lists. e-SMS makes it easy to reach everyone!

Templates for fast communication

e-SMS allows you to create ready-to-go text templates that are inserted in your message in no time. Personalize your SMS by retrieving contact data such as first name or last name

Send and receive SMS in Outlook

With a virtual number linked to your account, you can easily forward received SMS to your mailbox. You can also use your virtual number as sender ID.

One account, multiple clients

With e-SMS, you can easily use the same account on multiple computers at the same time. We also give you free access to our API as well as our web application.

Outlook version e-SMS Plugin OMS
Microsoft Outlook 2007 SMS
Microsoft Outlook 2010 SMS
Microsoft Outlook 2013 SMS
Microsoft Outlook 2016 SMS
Microsoft Outlook 2019 SMS
Microsoft Outlook 365 SMS (Windows client)

Our SMS service is based on an SMS balance

You add an SMS balance to your account, every SMS sent is then deducted from your SMS balance

The account can then be used for all our services. The unit price per SMS depends on how much SMS balance you add to your account or which account type you choose.

Download e-SMS for Microsoft Outlook

e-SMS is an add-in which is installed on your Microsoft Outlook client. In order to install e-SMS, press the button below and which downloads the installation file. The installation is handled automatically by your system.

Download e-SMS Add-in for Microsoft Outlook