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iP.1 are ready for GDPR

GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

The new Data Protection Regulation, GDPR comes into force on the 25th of May 2018, In order to meet this regulation, we have made a some changes to our terms of service in order for you as a customer to feel secure while using our services. All agreements and documents can be found under the heading. "Agreements and Documents".

Among other things, we have developed a new portal for you to keep track of the personal information iP.1 stores in your user account. In the coming weeks, you will receive an email with information and instructions on how to migrate your current user to the new portal. We have also updated our system in order to make it easy for you to manage information contained in our system, such as outgoing and incoming SMS, contact data (mobile number and other sensitive data).

How does iP.1 handle your personal information?

iP.1 is responsible for the personal information we store about you in your user account. Your personal information are available for you to see and manage in our new user portal. The personal data you store in our applications, such as contacts, incoming/ outgoing SMS, survey results etc. are your responsibility, which means that you have to make sure that you are following the new regulations. The following article from the Swedish Data Inspection Agency can give you some guidance regarding concerns when using cloud services. Read the article

How does iP.1 ensure that your data is secure?

iP.1 uses Microsoft Azure, one of the leading cloud service providers, along with the latest security technology available regarding data storage. This, along with routine security checks, ensures that you can feel safe when it comes to storing data such as your customer/member's contact information, or other sensitive information in iP.1´s system.

Can iP.1 sign a Personal Data Assistant-agreement?

We do not have the opportunity to view and sign different Personal Data Assistant-agreements for every one of our thousands of customers, therefore, we have created a standard agreement that follows the regulations of GDPR. If you have any concerns regarding what GDPR says about using cloud services, this article from the Swedish Data Inspection Agency might be helpful.

Migrate your user to our new user system

As GDPR comes into force on the 25th of May 2018, we have developed a new user portal for your sake of privacy.

In the new portal you will need to confirm certain information, such as mobile number and email address. The portal will give you more control over the information we store about you connected to your user. This will also give you the control over any possible information or offers we may send to your email and your mobile number.

As an administrator, you will be able to add, remove and invite users to your accounts to facilitate management for those who are responsible for multiple account.

Please have in mind that your user should be personal, because of the new user systems ability to give your user access to multiple accounts. If you are using a general e-mail, like, or any other shared mail, we recommend you create a user for every single person that have access to our services.

To begin the migration process, please press the button below

General information about GDPR

Here you will find general information about GDPR that helps you to get an overview of what GDPR is and how it will affect you as an entrepreneur. - GDRP portal

The European Commission about GDPR

Agreements and Documents

Here you will find our new agreements and document that have been updated and created according to the new regulations

Privacy Policy

Service agreement

Data Processor agreement

Return Policy