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Send SMS with your email with Mail2SMS from iP.1

Mail2SMS is a efficient and useful tool that lets you easily send an SMS to one or more recipients, directly from your e-mail client.

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With Mail2SMS from iP.1, you only need an account and an SMS balance, or alternatively one of our advantageous post-invoicing packages, then you're up and running!

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How does Mail2SMS work?

Sending an SMS from an e-mail is as easy as sending an e-mail. You enter the address of our SMS server in the address field, enter your sender in the subject field and your recipients' numbers as well as your message in the message field, then just send!

We also offer the possibility to receive replies to your sent SMS through so-called virtual mobile numbers that receive incoming messages and forward them directly to your e-mail inbox!

Mail2SMS regardless of e-mail client

You can use Mail2SMS to manually send SMS in an e-mail message in any e-mail client, whether it is a web-based service or an installed application. Of course, you can also integrate the service into an existing system that handles email sending.

Thanks to an innovative account and user system, you also have access to our web services, which give you the opportunity to make full use of SMS as a channel, regardless of whether it concerns SMS reminders, alarms or marketing!

Send and receive SMS directly via e-mail

In combination with a virtual number, you can both send and receive SMS directly in your e-mail client, regardless of whether you use an installed e-mail program, such as Outlook or a web service such as Gmail. Mail2SMS can be used for all devices that support e-mail sending, regardless of whether it is a handheld mobile phone, computer or an industrial machine with SMTP support

You can easily forward incoming emails as SMS to one or more recipients, all you need to add is your sender and a list of numbers that you send to!

How do I activate Mail2SMS?

Start by creating a trial account or get started immediately with an active account in our webshop. Then activate Mail2SMS by following the wizard

Do you need help?

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Create a free trial account

Log in to the User Portal

Go to accounts

Tap overview on your account

Go to the Mail2SMS tab

Activate Mail2SMS by pressing the status slider