Left menu - Last updated 2019-11-04 15:28:21

On the left side of the screen a menu can be found with a variety of options.

  1. Messages - Main link to the Messages section
  2. Contacts - Main link to the Contacts section
  3. Templates - Main link to the Templates section
  4. Shop - Main link to our web shop
  5. Settings - Change account settings like your profile data, password or default sender here.
  6. FAQ - Shortcut to our web page where frequently asked questions are being answered.
  7. Support - Directly send a message to our support team.

Left Menu – Messages - Last updated 2019-11-04 15:28:48

In this section we will examine the detailed menu for the tab Messages.

  1. Messages - Main link to the Messages section
  2. Wall - In this stream section you can see your sent and received messages in a continuous stream.
  3. Inbox - Here all your received messages can be found. Remember that these messages are automatically deleted after three months!
  4. Sent - A complete list of all sent text messages with details regarding them.
  5. Drafts - In this folder all drafted messages can be found.
  6. Time Controlled - In this section all pending and planned dispatches will be listed.

Left Menu – Templates - Last updated 2019-11-04 15:29:04

Under the last tab on the left side menu you find the option for using templates. Here you can create new templates as well as edit or remove existing ones.

  1. Templates - Main link to the Templates section
  2. My Templates - Here you get an overview of the templates you have. You can edit here existing templates or remove the ones you don’t need.
  3. New Template - Click that button to create your template. A window will open from the right side of the screen where you will need to fill in the information required.

Left Menu – Settings - Last updated 2018-07-11 13:46:18

By clicking at settings at the left menu below, the setting menu selection opens up and you will be directed to the My Account section where you can change your organization profile.

  1. Balance - Main link to the Balance section, where you can check your current balance, add account balance or order an automatic refill.
  2. My Account - Main link to your account information and organization profile.
  3. My Orders - Main link to a list of all your orders.
  4. Users - Main link to a list of all users for this account. You will be redirected to the portal, remember, that you can not log in anymore if you take away your own user.
  5. SMS Gateway API - Main link to get information about your API-key which you need for integration purposes of our SMS software services.
  6. Stop Service - Main link leading to an overview about the stop service settings.
  7. Services - Overview about additional services giving you even more possibilities to use our other services.

Settings – Balance - Last updated 2018-07-11 13:47:18

In order to be able to send text messages you need to have a sufficient account balance. By clicking Settings on the left menu and then Balance you are able to check and increase your current balance. You also have the possibility to refill your account or to configure a running subscription.

  1. Balance - Main link to the Balance section.
  2. Current account balance - At the top of the selected tab you can see the credit remaining for your account. When you reach below 200kr, an automatic reminder SMS will be sent from us.
  3. Add account balance here - Click here to increase your accounts balance. You will automatically be directed to our shop where you can select an appropriate amount to add.
  4. Automatic refill with - By selecting this you get several alternatives of automatic refills at a certain value.
  5. Automatic refill at - Here you can configure how low your current account has to be for an automatic refill to occur.
  6. Order - Click Order to activate a refill, when you click the button we receive a confirmation of your order and will activate the service within one working day.

Settings – My Account - Last updated 2018-07-11 13:48:33

Under the section My Account you fill in the name of your organization or company you represent. Don’t forget to fill in the organization number when you activate your account.

  1. My Account - Main link to the My Account section.
  2. Open portal - Shortcut to the user portal where you can edit your profile data, get information about accounts you have access to and users having access to your account.
  3. ZIP - Fill in the post code of the organization.
  4. Save - When you filled in all details, press save to save them.
  5. Registration number - It is important that you fill in the registration number during the activation of your account. We will not activate the account without it.
  6. Name - Please fill in here the entire name of the organization.
  7. Street address - Please fill in here the street address of the organisation. If you want to be billed to another address, please inform us about this via e-mail or telephone.
  8. City - Please fill in here the city of the organization.

Settings – SMS-API - Last updated 2018-07-11 13:49:52

Under the tab SMS Gateway API you will find relevant information in order to be able to create your own application or to integrate an SMS service into an existing or new system.

  1. SMS Gateway API - Main link to the SMS Gateway API section.
  2. WebbSMS - In WebbSMS you have the possibility to track your messages through delivery status reports which indicate if they’ve been delivered or not.
  3. Documentation - If you need help to get started, a lot of documentation can be found regarding our API by following the link.
  4. Example code - We have a large supply of example code in most programming languages to help you getting started with your own SMS service. Don’t forget that you have to have a valid balance level with us to send an SMS through your own application.  
  5. Show account credentials - In order to integrate our service into an existing system an API-key is required. It is composed of a number of generated numbers and letters. Without this you cannot access or connect to our server.
  6. Download e-SMS for Microsoft Outlook 2013-2016 - Download the plugin to be able to send SMS via Outlook.

Settings – Stop Service - Last updated 2018-07-11 13:50:57

The Stop Service allows the receiving of the STOP command from your recipients if they do not want any text messages anymore sent from your account.

  1. Activate the Stop Service -  By check-marking this option you activate the option of receiving and processing the STOP command.
  2. Save - Click Save to confirm your choices, changes will be updated then.
  3. Stop Service - Main link to the Stop Service section.
  4. Add instruction to text message - You can decide to add this instruction text automatically at the end of a text message which you want to dispatch.
  5. Instruction message - This is the instruction text which can be automatically added at the end of the text message.

Setting – Services - Last updated 2018-07-11 13:53:10

Here you can use several additional services to have an even better experience of our services. The tab Custom sender-text allows you to specify a sender text which will be displayed as sender when you are dispatching text messages. If you did not order this additional service already, the service is not displayed as being available. Then there will be an order button instead.  

  1. Services - Main link to the Services section
  2. Custom sender-text - You specify the name of the sender here. It will be the default sender being displayed every time you log in to our web application. You easily change the sender by specifying a new one in the text box “From” for the sender. The text (max. 11 characters A-z) which you chose will become your default sender-text after you clicked the Save button.
  3. Receiving number - This number allows you to receive SMS (additional service required).  With the help of a receiving number you can receive text messages directly at our web application. Your number acts as your sender so every time someone responds, this message will be at the wall in your inbox. If you didn’t activate this option already, an order button will be displayed to you.
  4. Email copy - This service allows you to send your text messages also via e-mail (additional service required).
  5. Your phone number - Here your reception number will be displayed, the Swedish standard phone number is an 11-digit number. The first two digits are the country code. Remember to remove the leading zeros when writing in the country code. If you want to have a reception number with your country code, please contact our support team for more details.
  6. Forward incoming messages - Here you can add an email address to which a copy of the received message will be sent.
  7. Manual - If you are unsure of what a call back URL is you can read more about it in our manual which is linked here.
  8. Callback URL - To be able to receive a message in your own system a call back URL is required. This is registered in the text field.
  9. Save - Once you have filled in your details you need to click Save so that your changes can be applied.