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Send SMS from Outlook with e-SMS from iP.1

Being able to send email and SMS in the same program is an efficient and easy way to communicate, not least for you who use Outlook daily!

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e-SMS gives you the opportunity to send SMS from Outlook to, for example, send invitations, reminders, crisis communication or reach out with business-critical information quickly and easily!

SMS from Outlook

A smart plugin for smart SMS communication

Thanks to e-SMS, our smart plugin that is available for Microsoft Outlook 2007 and onwards, you can now easily connect our SMS service to your Outlook. You simply create an account, download the plugin from our website and start texting!

The advantage of e-SMS for your company or organization is the availability to reach out to your employees or customers via SMS quickly and efficiantly

Reach out to your Outlook contacts

The mobile numbers are easily retrieved from the contact part of your Outlook. The SMS is then sent directly to one or more mobile phones and you can also send to predetermined groups in your Outlook address book. This is done with the support of an add-on program and makes it easier when you want to get an often important message out quickly to many people, who also most likely absorb it faster in SMS form than in email form.

If you have e-SMS installed in your Outlook, you can also receive replies from those you sent to. It is another valuable feature if, for example, you ask for confirmation from those you sent to that they understood your message or returned quickly with a requested answer to an important question.

Lots of smart features

e-SMS gives you the opportunity to create SMS texts templates that are inserted into your message in no time. Personalize your SMS by retrieving contact data as first name or last name. You can also easily use the same account on multiple computers at the same time. If you want to make full use of the power of SMS, you also have access to our web applications and our SMS API.

Send SMS to all your contacts, locally on your computer or from shared global address lists, e-SMS makes it easy to reach everyone! With a virtual number linked to your account, you can easily forward received SMS to your inbox for email. You can also use your virtual number as the sender to receive incomining SMS traffic directly in e-SMS.

Do you want help getting started?

Do you want help getting started with SMS from Outlook? No problem, our support team is just an email or phone call away, so just let us know and we will guide you through our services!

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To use e-SMS, you need to install the plugin in your Outlook client. click the button below to download the e-SMS. Download e-SMS for Outlook

As simple as that!

Create a free trial account , download e-SMS and install, compose your message and tap send!

Feel free to watch the video to see how easy it is to send an SMS using text templates and your existing Outlook contacts.

"My colleagues and I use the system daily to send out quick reminders and messages to our fitters, instead of sending out emails or text messages via mobile. It saves time at both ends and works very smoothly," says Katja Swenson who is the administrator at Bravida's Gothenburg office."

Katja Swenson - Administrator, Bravida AB