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SMS marknadsföring är en personlig kanal

Good to know about SMS as a medium

Facts about SMS and tips on content

SMS, like all channels, has its limitations. But they are undoubtedly offset by the high observational value of SMS. SMS will be read! Below you get access to some facts about SMS and tips on content that you can develop to use in your SMS Marketing to your customers or users.

Facts about SMS

Number of characters is limited

An SMS contains 160 characters. A very limited number of characters for communication. But in boundaries and limitations, opportunities are also created to really highlight the most important things and become clear. Acknowledge the challenge!

It is also possible to write more characters, up to 918 characters, but then your text is counted as a total of six SMS, even if the recipient gets the text joined in a running text.

Clean text content without frills

SMS are basically pure text messages, which also means restrictions on how the text can be formatted. Forget bold text, italics and different sizes. It may be perceived as "poor" but again, see it as a challenge that the text you write is really short and concise.

Web links to lead the way

Even if the text cannot be formatted, web links can be added to SMS. It is extremely useful for guiding the recipient on to a campaign page, a survey or perhaps an irresistible offer.

Sender ID

Normally an SMS has either a mobile number or a name as the sender. When you use our service, there is the opportunity to go from a mobile number and create a unique senders. You can ball with 3 to 11 characters and you can use all letters from A to Z as well as all numbers 0 to 9.

Content tips

Pay attention to special days

The one who knows the most wins. A worn expression, but when it comes to customers, it is highly relevant. Be sure to gather valuable information about your users and customers. It can then be used to send professional personal messages. It can be about paying attention to a birthday, an anniversary or a special interest.

Relevant offers and opportunities

The more you know about your users and customers, the easier it will be to adapt the offer, information and more to specific target groups or even people. This means that you can in a professional way provide your users with, for example, advance information or external monitoring that they can benefit from.

Confirmations and changes

Because SMS has a fantastically high observation value, 90 percent of SMS is read within 90 seconds, the channel is excellent for sending various forms of confirmations, changes or important messages. It can be about confirming a meeting time, announcing a changed meeting place or of course unique customer offers with a short time to act.


Surveys to get to know customers and users are ideal for SMS. Create short but concise surveys on the web. Then use SMS to drive your users to answer 3-5 short questions. It gives you the opportunity to get to know your customers, develop your activities or your products and services in an effective way.


When you use SMS as a channel in your marketing, it is extremely important that you are sensitive to the customer and offer the opportunity to unsubscribe, every time you send a message. The customer must be able to easily terminate their communication with your company or organization. It is basically a matter of respect and trust.