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We are now introducing landing pages in Capacity SMS!

Create extra content in your SMS campaigns by designing and adding a unique mobile-friendly landing page!

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Now it becomes even more efficient to market and create deals with the help of Capacity SMS and our new function for landing pages!

SMS marknadsföring är en personlig kanal

What is a landing page?

In digital marketing, a landing page acts as a standalone web page and is one of the most important tools a digital marketer has.

Landing pages are usually created for a specific campaign or event. After clicking on the link, which is automatically inserted into your SMS when you create your landing page in Capacity SMS, the visitor lands on a page whose main purpose is to create a so-called Call To Action (CTA).

This main purpose makes landing pages an excellent tool to increase conversion and gives you the opportunity to expand your message in your SMS campaigns!

Create your own unique marketing content

Let your brand speak for itself by creating your own unique content in Capacity SMS smart campaign editor. You can easily create your own mobile landing pages for your campaigns according to your graphic profile

  • Enhance your content with text boxes in our WYSIWYG editor
  • Add media objects in the form of images or videos
  • Lead your customers to the right place with conversion buttons
  • See statistics on how many people go to your landing pages

How do I create a landing page?

Creating your own landing page is easy! Drag the elements you want in place, fill in with your unique content and guide your customers exactly where you want!

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