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Welcome to our support center!

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions regarding our SMS services, as well as information on how to get started with our services. Can't find what you're looking for? Call or email us and we will help you!

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Yes, to send SMS from Outlook the only thing you need is a iP.1 account, please contact us for more information about recieving an account.

If you allready have an account, please see our manual for connecting to Outlook.

Please notice that you can only connect our services to Outlook versions 2007 and 2010 at the moment.


To recieve SMS in Outlook you need a virtual number connected to your iP.1 account, to order a virtual number, please contact us at

Soon you will be able to order service directly by credit card in the web application.

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FAQ Web SMS/Survey SMS

Yes, you can recieve SMS to our web application by ordering a 11-digit recieving number. To order a recieving number, please contact us at

You will be able to order directly by credit card in the web application soon.

You can create different type of users on your account to avoid sharing username and passwords. There arethree different types of users:


Full Access:

  • Refill Account Balance
  • Create and edit contacts
  • Change account-information such as billing address etc.
  • Send and receive Text messages


  • Refill account balance
  • Create and edit contacts
  • Send and receive Text messages


  • Send and receive Text messages

The Text message standard is 160 latin digits. There is amount of digits that counts as special characters, see the table below for a complete list of special characters.

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Misc FAQ

In order to activate your account, just press the activate button on the top menu. It will take you to our web shop, and you will be able to activate your account with your credit card by Skrill.

In our web shop you will also find add-ons to our application, such as custom sender ID, virtual numbers and E-mail copys.

Text messages that is sent gets status so that you as a customers will easily be able to check that your Text messages is delivered. 




The Text messages has in all probability been delivered and the operator answered the cell phone has received the Text messages. 




The Text messages ï»¿has left our systems but we have not yet received any delivery confirmation from the recipient. 




We have received back a reply from the recipient's mobile operator that something went wrong with the delivery. 

Make sure that the number is correct.

Some US and Canadian operators are currently not available for SMS. A solution for this will come and we will provide instructions and regulations regarding traffic to these countries.

Country specific rules Alphanumeric sender

Country Supports alphanumeric sender pre registration required