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integrate sms in your bussiness
huvudikon för system-sms

system SMS

SMS - straight to your customers

97 percent of the recipients are reading their SMS within three minutes - and they are doing it with pleasure when you have something important to tell. Automated SMS from IP.1 integrates SMS traffic with your business system in the way that suits you best - always as easy. The opportunities are limitless!

kundkontakt via SMS

Customer Contacts

SMS is an extremely easy way to keep customers, members, or students up to date. Reach out with important information and exclusive offers - quick, easy and appreciated.

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enkäter via SMS


Our efficient tools for SMS surveys penetrates the media noise - fast and easy for both you and the recipient.

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e-blanketter med SMS som bärare


Send PDFs and other files via unique links by SMS - Customizable API with support of integration of digital identifications solutions.

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SMS gateway för integration av SMS

SMS alarms and error messages

When something has happened to your services, your clients wants to know why and what - inform automatically with SMS alarm

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