This is iP.1!

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"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

- Albert Einstein

Our story

iP.1 started in 2003 with the goal to deliver secure and reliable internet access to businesses in Skövde. Now we are a leading CPaaS provider. To offer this, we built our own network based on wireless technology.

This way we could offer our customers the most cost-effective and by far the most flexible solution. Our wireless network now covers the entire Municipality of Skövde.

We also offer smart WiFi networks and special radio technology that makes it easy to pair data traffic to and from various points such as real estate without the use of wires. In order to monitor our own wireless network we needed a fast and stable monitoring system.

So we created an SMS system that automatically sent SMS reports to our engineers as soon as something unexpected happened. In this way we could begin troubleshooting quickly and even solve many problems before the customer was affected.

It was not long before the first customers asked if we could monitor their own hardware using our SMS Gateway. We have continued to work with our customers to develop new services. As when a priest from the Swedish church wanted to use our SMS Gateway to reach out with short messages to the catechist in a timely and cost effective manner.

We created a web page where it was possible to log in and send text and thus was the first version of WebbSMS born! Since then, we have continued with rapid growth and developed smart SMS solutions.

Our vision

To provide a reliable, innovative and smart communication solutions with a personal commitment to superior service.

Business Concept

iP.1 will offer the best and most innovative communication services to global companies, organisations and government agencies with a high personal service level.

Personal service and flexibility

We deliver SMS services with modern and intelligent functions, whilst personal service and flexibility remain one of our strengths. As a business customer of ours, you are entitled to feel safe! You will therefore always have access to quick and personalized support. Since we started, we have been delivering intelligent services within the banking and insurance industry and have extensive experience with emergency services. This means that we are familiar with the industry-specific requirements of confidentiality and privacy.

Ongoing controls after delivery

Among our customers, we have a wide range of major international corporations, small businesses, government agencies and municipalities. We also have agreements with Microsoft Outlook as a SMS service provider worldwide. Thousands of companies are sending and receiving millions of SMS via computers with iP.1. You too are welcome as a customer!