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Let your message speak for itself through SMS, one of the market's most powerful and personal channels!

Capacity SMS allows you to send SMS to hundreds of thousands of recipients simultaneously via a smooth and simple web interface.

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Upload your numbers, write your message and press send and it's done! SMS marketing should be simple, with Capacity SMS it will be super easy!

SMS marknadsföring är en personlig kanal

Be personal in your marketing campaigns

Marketing via SMS is both simple and cost-effective, especially with a tool like Capacity SMS. With a few keystrokes, you have created a personal SMS campaign thanks to smart connections to the contact app.

Insert first- and last name, shoe sizes, favorite clothing brands, only your imagination and your knowledge of your customers sets the limits!

Feel confident in your marketing

We at iP.1 believe in the integrity of you and yours customers. Our system is GDPR-secured from head to toe and we do not share your or your customers' information.

With a smart storage system, you can decide for yourself how long we should store your campaigns or SMS and you have control over your contacts that you save in our systems. Of course, you can also reach hundreds of thousands without having to save the numbers in our system, through our smart contact file import.

Let SMS marketing Boost your sales

An SMS is read within 90 seconds by 90% of those who receive your message.

No other channel has the penetration that SMS has, which makes it an excellent sales channel! Through our smart landing pages, you can also get even closer to the customer with your offer!

SMS marketing on your terms!

Capacity SMS is filled with smart functionality so that you can benefit from SMS marketing on your terms!

  • Scheduling
  • Contact system
  • Smart templating
  • Opt out/in
  • Two-way SMS traffic
  • Landing pages
  • Campaign statistics
  • Recipients via file
  • Alphanumerical sender
  • Target group adaptation

Send SMS campaigns to US numbers!

When it comes to SMS and marketing via SMS in the US, there are some special rules you have to follow. By opening the form , you can order SMS campaigns that can be sent to all North American operators

Create your own unique marketing content with landing pages in Capacity SMS

Let your brand speak for itself by creating your own unique content in Capacity SMS smart campaign editor. Now you can create mobile landing pages for your SMS campaigns according to your graphic profile.

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As simple as that!

Upload your contacts, compose your marketing message and press send!

Feel free to watch the video to see how easy it is to create an SMS campaign using text templates and contact labels.

"In Sweden, we have worked with iP.1 since 2014. In Italy we started our first SMS campaign 2018. We send several SMS campaigns to our customers each year. SMS is a very important instrument to increase the order frequency and sales for us. We are very pleased with the cooperation with iP.1 The expert advices and the quality of ip.1’s service are excellent,"

Ulrike Gode - Senior Manager, Sonja Paulus - Marketing Manager, Sieh An

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