Send SMS online

If you are curious about the possibilities of effective mass communication by SMS, Web SMS is the right choice for you. No subscription, no bonds, nothing to install - just a low unit price and high quality! 90% percent of all SMS messages are read within 90 seconds which makes SMS from IP.1 the perfect channel for both internal and external communication.

If you want to receive SMS, our virtual numbers are excellent for you. Our system gives you the opportunity to receive SMS directly in our web application, via an email address or a URL for integrations. Do you want to receive your incoming SMS traffic on your mobile phone? Use your own mobile number as a sender when sending SMS!

How does the SMS service work?

Our SMS service is based on an SMS balance. You add an SMS balance to your account, each SMS is then deducted from your balance. The unit price per SMS depends on how much balance add or which account type you choose.

Web SMS is flexible and allows you, for example, to send SMS directly to individual numbers and groups, while allowing you to schedule large group mailings. Below we list some uses for sending SMS from your browser.

Applications for Web SMS

A smart and effective SMS service with many possibilities. For example, you can:

  • Send & receive SMS directly from your browser
  • Send event invitations
  • Submit discount codes and special offers
  • Confirm orders
  • Notfify about delieverys
  • Reminder of unpaid invoices before they begin to generate unnecessary costs.
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Custom sender ID - Alphanumeric sender ID. 3 - 11 digits, A - Z, 0 - 9.

Virtual numbers - Receive SMS via virtual number (Does not support 2FA codes).

E-mail copy - Send a copy of sent SMS to the recipients e-mail address.

Import your numbers - Import your numbers from an Excel sheet, or any other CSV-file with our smart import guide.

Unlimited amount of users - - Create an unlimited amount of users and choose between several different access levels.

Attach files - Your files will be uploaded and attached to the SMS in the form of a short-url.

SMS templates - Create ready-to-go SMS templates.

Group/single SMS-sendings - Send an SMS to one or several recipients. Group support (Create unlimited amount of groups).

Time delayed SMS sendings - Create date/time delayed SMS sendings.

Opt-out - Let your recipients opt out from future SMS sendings.

SMS Dashboard - Statistics over sent and received SMS traffic.

Itnegrate in software - With an account you get free access to our API´s.

Push traffic to your app through SMS

Pushing traffic to your downloadable apps is a must for an app developer. SMS is a perfect carrier for direct links to your apps that you distribute through, for example, Play Store or App Store.

SMS notification on repaired products

Save storage space by sending out SMS notifications immediately when a product is ready to retrieve after a repair, for example.

Update payment card information

Ensure that your customers' payment information is current by sending SMS notification when their payment card information needs to be updated.

Coupon codes and offers by SMS

Send personalized offers and discount codes to your loyal customers using our smart SMS service.

Quality is everything

Our goal is to give you the best possible quality at the best possible price. Our system is stable and secure with connections to the leading telecom operators, where your text messages arrive in the shortest time possible without getting stuck on the way. All the technology is thoroughly documented for easy integration with your business system. When you choose ip.1, incoming SMS and delivery reports are free of charge.

Our SMS service is based on an SMS balance

You add an SMS balance to your account, and every SMS you send is then deducted from your SMS balance

The account can then be used for all our services. The unit price per SMS depends on how much SMS balance you deposit to your account or which type of account you choose.