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If you are curious about the possibilities of effective mass communication by SMS, Web SMS is the right choice for you. No subscription, no bonds, nothing to install - just a low unit price and high quality! 90% percent of all SMS messages are read within 90 seconds which makes SMS from IP.1 the perfect channel for both internal and external communication.

Endless opportunities

The possibilities with SMS online as a communication channel are endless. SMS has been proven strong for decades and the availability for mobile units that support text messages beats even the smartest app notifications. Below you will find several smart and reliable ways to use SMS in your business:

  • Send event invitations
  • Submit discount codes and special offers
  • Confirm orders
  • Newspaper deliveries
  • Reminder of unpaid invoices before they begin to cost with a SMS service

2-Way SMS

If you have the need for 2-way communication, our virtual numbers will do the job. Our system will give you the possibility to receive responses directly in our web application, via e-mail or by URL for integration purposes. Do you want your incoming SMS traffic in your phone? Just use your own cell phone number as a sender ID!

Push traffic to your app through SMS

Pushing traffic to your downloadable apps is a must for an app developer. SMS is a perfect carrier for direct links to your apps that you distribute through, for example, Play Store or App Store.

Update payment card information

Ensure that your customers' payment information is current by sending SMS notification when their payment card information needs to be updated.

SMS notification on repaired products

Save storage space by sending out SMS notifications immediately when a product is ready to retrieve after a repair, for example.

Coupon codes and offers by SMS

Send personalized offers and discount codes to your loyal customers using our smart SMS service.

Quality is everything

Our goal is to give you the best possible quality at the best possible price. Our system is stable and secure with connections to the leading telecom operators, where your text messages arrive in the shortest time possible without getting stuck on the way. All the technology is thoroughly documented for easy integration with your business system. When you choose ip.1, incoming SMS and delivery reports are free of charge.

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What you need:

An account with an active SMS balance

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