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Analys-SMS & Surveys

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If you want valuable insights from your customers, members or other interesting parties in an easy and reliable way, SMS surveys from is a perfect match for you! Create and send surveys with our user-friendly interface in no time. Collect data, share your reports or get notified every time you get a positive or negative review, along with a load of usefull functions. Create your free trial account by clicking the button below!

Analys-SMS and NPS

Net Promoter Score is an increasingly popular method of measuring loyalty and promoters within your customer base. The simple measurement values of NPS will generate a concrete data value that is directly comparable to your industry competition. Use the slider function in Analys-SMS to easily create a smooth and simple NPS survey that gives you all the data you need!

Request a survey via SMS

Having trouble collecting all your customers cell phone numbers? Our interface lets you create specific keywords that will trigger an automatic survey every time someone sends the keyword to a virtual number connected to your account. This means that you can collect valuable insights without having a single cell phone number stored in your system!

CSI - Customer Satisfaction Index

Customer Satisfaction Index, or CSI, is a well-established analytical method that will prove as an invaluable tool in your ongoing customer satisfaction-improvement! Our CSI-interface gives you the opportunity to directly compare your business with other alike, or why not compare different departments in your internal work of improvements? The analysis is always custom tailored to your requirements and we provide you with all the help needed, all the way from designing survey questions to presentation for valuable results.

Effective and simple analysis

Our survey tool is structured to work smoothly in a variety of contexts, such as for market or customer surveys, NPS, CSI along with plenty of room of customization. The system contains several completed survey templates that are customizable for your graphical profile. Automatic reminders and result presentations will save you time and make your work easier!

Quality is everything

Our goal is to give you the best possible quality at the best possible price. Our system is stable and secure with connections to the leading telecom operators, where your text messages arrive in the shortest time possible without getting stuck on the way. All the technology is thoroughly documented for easy integration with your business system. When you choose ip.1, incoming SMS and delivery reports are free of charge.

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