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If you want to know more about your customers or members, SMS surveys is an effective way with a higher response rate than other channels. One Survey allows you to create customized surveys as well as established industry standards.

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Whether you belong to a small association or a larger company, One Survey is the right tool! Use our ready-made survey templates, or create your own surveys via our user-friendly interface.

SMS marknadsföring är en personlig kanal

Move the customer's heart closer

Where your customers are on the scale is changing, but thanks to an SMS survey with One Survey, you have a living value meter in hand.

It gives you fast results as well as the tools to quickly capture dissatisfied customers and do what you can to move them on the scale towards being satisfied and at least as important - get your satisfied customers to move their heart even closer to you. Loyal customers return, loyal customers recommend!

We believe that the most important thing is to motivate your respondents to answer, which is why we have created a completely new survey solution that allows you to collect answers via clickable links on, for example, a website, send out via e-mail mail, or SMS!

To do all the smart features justice, you will find more information regarding One Survey on its own website. Go to the One Survey page