SMS Surveys

If you want valuable insights from your customers, members or other interesting parties in an easy and reliable way, SMS surveys from is a perfect match for you! Create and send surveys with our user-friendly interface in no time. Collect data, share your reports or get notified every time you get a positive or negative review, along with a load of usefull functions. Create your free trial account by clicking the button below!

Whether you are a smaller association or a worldwide organization, Survey SMS is a tool for you! You can easily get started with ready-made industry-inspired templates, or create your own surveys through our user-friendly interface. Of course, you can automate your surveys through our smart API for Survey SMS.

Bring your customers hearts closer

Where your customers are on the scale is a fresh product, but thanks to SMS surveys with Survey SMS you have a live value meter in hands. It gives you quick results as well as the tools to quickly capture dissatisfied customers and do what you can to move them on the scale toward being satisfied and at least as important - getting your satisfied customers to move their heart even closer to you. Loyal customers return, loyal customers recommend!

Applications for Survey-SMS

A smart and effective SMS survey tool with many possibilities. For example, you can:

  • Create a comprehensive customer survey
  • Create quick polls
  • Ask questions live during events
  • Automatic surveys integrated in your order system
  • Send out invitations to events
  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction (CSI)
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Request a survey via SMS - Let your customers/members request a survey by sending a keyword to your virtual number.

Survey templates - Choose among several ready-to-go survey templates.

Group/single survey sendings - Send surveys to one or several recipients (with group support).

Different survey types - Choose among several different iunput types, such as radio buttons, drop-downs, check-boxes, sliders and more.

Time delayed surveys - Choose date/time to create a time delayed survey.

Survey Dashboard - Survey statistics of sent surveys, response rates and more.

Integrate in your own software - With an account you get access to our API´s for integration in your own system.

Custom sender ID - Alphanumeric sender ID. 3 - 11 digits, A - Z, 0 - 9.

E-mail copy - Send a copy of your sent surveys to your recipients.

Import your numbers - Import your numbers from an Excel sheet, or any other CSV-file with our smart import guide.

Unlimited amount of users - Create an unlimited amount of users and choose between several different access levels.

Opt-out - Let your recipients opt out from future SMS sendings.

Survey SMS and NPS

Net Promoter Score is an increasingly popular method of measuring loyalty and promoters within your customer base. The simple measurement values of NPS will generate a concrete data value that is directly comparable to your industry competition. Use the slider function in Survey SMS to easily create a smooth and simple NPS survey that gives you all the data you need!

Request a survey via SMS

Having trouble collecting all your customers cell phone numbers? Our interface lets you create specific keywords that will trigger an automatic survey every time someone sends the keyword to a virtual number connected to your account. This means that you can collect valuable insights without having a single cell phone number stored in your system!

CSI - Customer Satisfaction Index

Customer Satisfaction Index, or CSI, is a well-established analytical method that will prove as an invaluable tool in your ongoing customer satisfaction-improvement! Our CSI-interface gives you the opportunity to directly compare your business with other alike, or why not compare different departments in your internal work of improvements? The analysis is always custom tailored to your requirements and we provide you with all the help needed, all the way from designing survey questions to presentation for valuable results.

Effective and simple analysis

Our survey tool is structured to work smoothly in a variety of contexts, such as for market or customer surveys, NPS, CSI along with plenty of room of customization. The system contains several completed survey templates that are customizable for your graphical profile. Automatic reminders and result presentations will save you time and make your work easier!

Jula gets quick answers and a high response rate with Survey SMS from iP1

Jula offers products through a number of large stores and online stores to anyone who wants to get something done at home or at their leisure. A large customer focus characterizes the company and therefore great importance is attached to the customers' attitude to, among other things, their store visits. As part of capturing customers' perception, Jula uses Survey SMS from iP1 for their customer surveys.

iP1 has adapted the Survey SMS interface according to Jula's wishes and collaborated on the design of the questionnaires and its questions. In addition, an automatic special solution has been made to further customize Survey SMS for Jula. iP1 has since taken care of the sendings and data collection, which have been compiled in data reports which has ben sent to Jula. From there, the result analyzis has been made by Jula. “The reason that we use surveys via SMS, is that it is a good way to get quick answers and a high response rate. It is also a great fit if you want a close response to an event, such as during a store visit. The good response rate means that you get good data to use in our analyzes. ”- Margareta Boström, Insight Manager and Business Developer at Jula.

Jula chose iP1 for its proximity, easy accessibility, good service and the adaptability of the Survey SMS tool according to its requirements and needs.

reference Jula

Our SMS Service is Based on an SMS Balance

You add an SMS balance to your account, and every SMS you send is then deducted from your SMS balance

The account can then be used for all our services. The unit price per SMS depends on how much SMS balance you deposit to your account or which type of account you choose.

You can use Survey SMS with or without a subscription

Subscription Yearly cost price per survey Maximum surveys
Without subscription 0 € 0,495 €/survey + SMS-trafik Unlimited
Subscription - Level 1 600 €/year (VAT Exc.) 0 € + SMS traffic 10 000 surveys
Subscription - Level 2 1 000 €/year (VAT Exc.) 0 € + SMS traffic 20 000 surveys